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Radio Nigeria To Celebrate Children’s Day With Sports Fiesta


The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Radio One, has said that the aim of introducing the “Radio One Sports Fiesta’’ is to create a new platform for celebrating children’s day.

The Director Lagos Operations of FRCN, Adeyinka Amosun, told newsmen on Wednesday in Lagos that the sports fiesta was to develop sports at the grassroots through sports academy.

“We want to use sports to build good leadership and character moulding in our youths through sport.

“The whole idea is to develop sports at the grassroots through school sports and academy participations.

“We want our children to look forward to children’s day with purpose and vision.

“We want them to think bigger about other sports apart from football,’’ Amosun said.

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In the same vein, the General Manager, Radio One, Funke-Treasure Durodola, said the station planned to use the sports fiesta to celebrate Nigerian children in a more relevant and impactful way.

Durodola said that by so doing, children would be engaged educationally through sports and entertainment.

“If indeed our children are the future leaders, their talent must be harnessed early enough.’’

She added that football remained the major activity of the fiesta with the introduction of female football and other activities.

Durodola said that 36 junior schools and academy will participate in a Five-A-Side football competition.

The final of the event will hold at the Mini Campos Stadium, Lagos Island.


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